Dryer for terry fabric CA-77S

The dryer CA-77S has been designed as a result of ALEA's long experience in terry fabric finishing. The main features which differetiate this machine from others are:

  • double air cushion which guides and supports the cloth, causing a vibration so that the pile raises to give a soft handle and a perfect drying effect on both sides
  • high evaporation rate due to the special nozzle design and to the high speed of the air, passing through the cloth
  • smoothing down of the fabric and automatic removal of the creases. No stretchers are required
  • self centering of the fabrics, which can be fed in parallel, without danger of overlapping
  • possibility to heat the dryer by gas, steam, thermal fluid, or high pressure hot water
  • automatic air cleaning filters, with speed adjustable according to the different qualities of terry fabric. The use of automatic filters is essential for terry fabric drying as this fabric produces large quantities of lint, which would quickly block up normal filters and lower the drying efficiency of the machine. Hence the automatic filter, being continously cleaned, promotes maximum drying efficiency
  • no moving mechanical parts inside the drying chamber: minimum maintenance required
  • direct current drive in order to ensure perfect synchronisation and a minimal noise level.

The photo shows a large eight compartment, superposed and elevated installation, with cloth feeding and delivery from the same side, with production capacity 1500 Kgs per hour of dry terry fabric.

The second one shows the passage between the upper and the lower compartments. It is possible to see that the fabric is already perfectly flat.

In the photos above:
1.detail of an automatic filter, with rotating cleaning arm. In the background an air circulation fan with hot air duct from the gas burner.
2.detail of the superposed inlet/outlet.
3.dancing roll situated between every two compartments. Gas burners positioned on the front wall of each compartment, complete with all the components for temperature regulation and control.
4.detail of the automatic filter and of the blowing and suction nozzles. In the foreground the suction duct for the removal of lint retained by the filters.

Longitudinal section of 2 compartments CA-77S. The recirculation fans are located on the front wall of each compartment, allowing the connection of the compartments two by two. This design allows an excellent accessibility for cleaning an maintenance operations.
On the suction side of the fan, the recirculating air is drawn through an automatic filter unit. This comprises a flat stainless steel mesh with a suction arm rotating on the surface of the filter continually. The speed of this arm is adjustable.
The air is then passed over the heat exchangers or via the heating ducts in the case of direct gas heating and through special nozzles onto the terry fabric. The upper and the lower nozzles have an offset alignment, so that the air impinges on the fabric from different angles, allowing the pile to draw up perfectly.

We indicate below in diagramatic form various possible configurations of the CA-77S, showing the cloth passage.
- Single compartment complete with cloth feeding and plaiter.
- Two compartments in line.
- Four compartments in line, with dancing roll between the first and the second group of two compartments.
- Six compartments, partially superposed and elevated.
- Eight compartments superposed.