Alea was established in the 1881 as a company operating in the field of silk and wool drying, the most promising industry towards the end of the century in the region.
In the coming years, the company is able to acquire a great level of specialization to meet the demand of a production system based on many small and scattered producers.
In the fifties, the reconstruction turns the textile system in an organized group of companies, man made fibers come in use and again Alea is able to support their production by supplying new types of dryers, for yarn, staples and for the heatsetting of a large variety of fabrics styles.
In the sixties, the company is leading in Italy and towards the end of the decade, she turns to foreign countries: these are growing bigger and the projection of their economies is very interesting.

In the eighties, leadership is achieved in USA and very promising markets appear to be both China and India; today, after the reorganization, Alea looks at the future with the determination and the awareness that have come a long way.