"TARGET" Single pass stenter frame

Alea stenter frame target type is the outcome of our close cooperation with the European Commission of Finishers, a very demanding organisation for fabric quality and machine flexibility.
Main features of the target are:

  • vertical chain with pins and locks
  • on option we supply horizontal type of chain with clips or combined with clips and pins
  • in both cases our chain rolls on ball bearing and is equipped with our special "No drip" automatic lubication system for friction reduction and rail endurance
  • proportional drive type selvedge feeler, carrying both IR photocell and mechanical feeler, for fast and precise response of the oil driven entry arms
  • frequency driven variable speed a.c. motors
  • high quality heavy duty a.c. fan motors directly coupled to their impellers via maintenance free and energy saving special joints.
    On demand we supply a.c. frequency driven blowers
  • specific designs for knit and stretch fabric processing are available:
    • 6m long entry arms with two hinges to minimize selvedge deformation
    • overfeeding up to +60% with independent adjustment on both the edges
    • special equipment made of a synchronized to the main drive feeding entry for to minimizing any stretch
    • selvedge automatic gumming and cutting
  • independent setting of the distance between the rails in each heating chamber
  • perfectly balanced air flow in each 3.0 metres long chamber to secure even drying in the fabric width
  • differencial (top/bottom) ventilation on each fabric side in every heating bay
  • vertical air flow design blowing nozzles also very efficient on thick fabric, nozzles do not choke with lint
  • "soft" indirect air flow type blowing nozzles are provided for pile fabric
  • very easy access for cleaning and maintenance of the heating chamber
  • automatic air flow by-pass is provided at each stop of the chain to save the quality of the fabric and avoid machine cool down
  • selection of ancillary equipments to cope with a large variety of demand (i.e. fabric feed and delivery from plaited to "A" frame, fabric accumulators, air knife or water cooled fabric coolers, two or three roll padding units, weftstraighteners, moisture sensor and weight/yield monitoring system)
  • computerized system for to displaying actual running parameters, data filing and processing, trouble shooting procedures, automatic reset of the machine according to the working parameters for a given fabric ("Auto-set").

The pictures show an installed machine, the detail of pin and lock fabric holder and the control pannel computerized.

The picture shows the close-up view of the air nozzle, the nozzle set-up in the heating chamber,the automatic filter cleaning system and the air circulation diagram.

entry view

single pass stenter frame