Drum drier (for backwashed tops)

The ALEA drum drier is an integral part of the backwashing machine for tops. The complete line, backwashing machine + drier + take-up unit ensures a thorough scour at high working speed, whilst avoiding any damage to the tops. Hence a first-class quality top is assured after process. The drier can process 36 tops of weight 20 to 25 g/m with speed varying from 2-11 m/min depending on fibre type and drying temperature. The ALEA drier is sized according to required capacity. A 2 drum drier is available with drum diameter from 1500 up to 1800 mm or the 3 and 4 drum driers with standard 1800 mm diameter drums.

Working procedure is very simple. The tops are squeezed after backwashing and passed round the perforated drums. Hot air is then drawn through the top by an air circulation system which draws air from outside to inside the perforated drum. The circulation system is equipped with filters units to remove lint. Dried tops are then delivered from the last drum into packages or cans according to requirements.

Speed and temperature can be adjusted within a wide range and automatically kept and fixed values. A louvre controls air quantity which is continously exhausted to keep moisture at the required rate.

The picture shows the outlet side of a two-drum drier, 1800 mm diameter, with take-up unit for 36 tops. In the other picture is shown the same machine seen from the inlet side.

Here above is shown:
- machine internal view from the inlet side. Notice the ingoing tops, the idle roll, the lower drum covered with material and the upper one with perforated surface
- lower drum with 1800 mm diameter with the two side filters
- detail of outlet with idle rolls and dividing comb of the take-up unit.

Flow sheet of a complete plant comprising feed unit, backwashing machine, two-drum drier and take-up unit.
Sketch of a two-drum machine.
Sketch of a three-drum machine.
Sketch of a four-drum machine.