Drier for yarn in hank MNC-81

The MNC type drier is suitable for all types of yarn on the hank.
The main advantages of the machine are:

  • elimination of pre-hydroextraction by centrifuge and relative saving of both capital and manpower expenses. Other saving are also achived in terms of electrical power consumption and maintenance
  • consequent reduction in handling of the hanks giving reduced tangling and subsequent greater efficiency in hank to cone winding
  • uniform drying to accurate required residual moisture
  • preservation of "roundness" of yarn thus improving appearance and "handle" of the yarn.

The sequence of operation is as follows: hanks are stored on accumulation chains, hanging out from both hank dye poles which serve to open the fold in the hank to improve air flow.
Each pair of hank poles is selected automatically and the complete row of hanks is introduced into the open squeeze nip of a hydroextraction mangle. Once the hank poles have passed between the bowls of the mangle, the upper bowl automatically lowers and closes the squeeze nip.

By this operation approx 3/4 of each hank is squeezed.

The squeezed hanks then enter a pre-drying chamber comprising one or more sections. On exit from the predrier the hank is automatically turned by a 3 step revolving device in order to re-position the non-squeezed portion of the hank into a vertical plane.

The hanks are then passed through a final drying chamber and delivered automatically onto a storage trolley. When this trolley is full it can be easily replaced without stopping the drier. These trollies can be used for hank transport purposes within the factory thus achieving drastic reductions in handling and consequent downtime between operations as experienced using traditional methods.
The drier can be heated by various means i.e. steam, therminal fluid, high temperature hot water and it is equipped with easy access stainless steel mesh filters which in turn are easy to remove and clean.

The first photograph shows a large steam heated 4-section drier. The following photo shows the exit side of the drier with the accumulation trollies for dried hanks and the final collection carriage following removal of hank poles.

The other pictures show:

1. Inlet side with accumulation device of capacity up to 20 rows of hanks and automatic feeding device to the squeeze rollers.

Maximum hank reel length
Minimum hank reel length 54"
Max length hank pole 1050 mm
Min length hank pole 890 mm
Heads of hank pole 56 - 78 mm
Weight of one row of dried hanks 2,5 - 6 Kg

2.Squeeze mangle: shown in the photo with squeeze pressure adjustable from 7-9 bar.
This gives flexibility to provide an efficient hydroextraction for a wide variety of yarn types and counts.

3.Photograph showing detail of the air filtration system comprising 6 filter screens, 3 on each side of the drier.
In this particular photograph the central filter has just been cleaned and the other 2 are still contaminated with lint.

4.The intermediate hank turning device operates by repositioning the trailing hank pole in front of the leading pole thus causing the hank to rotate a distance equivalent to the distance between the 2 poles.
This operation takes place 3 times in order to move the "non-squeezed" portion of the hank into the vertical position and optimize the thermal heat exchange between the hot air and the moist yarn.

In the picture above:
cross section on the top of the drying chamber and connected to motors through a self-cooling coupling. Heat exchangers and air filters are mounted at each side of the drying chamber and readily accessible for cleaning and maintenance operations.
Longitudinal section of a single chamber MNC/81. It shows the position of the heat exchangers and the path of the circulating air which is uniformly conveyed onto the hanks.
Air is blown from above downwards to avoid any yarn entaglement.
Horizontal section of a 2 chamber MNC/81.
Side view of the same machine comprising inlet unit with accumulator device, final drying chamber, outlet unit with storage trolley for dried hanks.

  • On request, the machine can be equipped with two inlet squeezing padders, with a hank revolving device in-between.
    Through this unit the whole hank is squeezed, thus saving power and improving product quality and drying performance. The double squeezer is particularly suitable for cotton yarn or blends.